Friday, November 2, 2012

Moving Forward

Happy November! I went to vote at our local community center after work this past Wednesday. It was the first time that I have ever gone to vote in person (not absentee) since I actually now live in the same state where I am registered to vote.

Since I have been well decided on my Presidential candidate since 2008 I wanted to vote early to avoid waiting in any lines. Well guess what I found when I arrived at the polling place - a line! The coordinating volunteer told us that there has been a steady line every day since early voting opened up. 

So far over 2 Million registered North Carolinian's have cast their votes and I suspect even more will go tomorrow before early voting closes.

As we are moving forward into the end of the year (whhhaaat!?) I have been thinking about some of my favorite parts of November and this season.

Looking Forward to in November

1. Our first designated relaxing weekend since we moved to Raleigh.
2. Family dinners with our friends.
3. Putting together our 3rd bookshelf for the guest room.
4. Baking pumpkin bread. 
5. Wearing my new boots.
6. Seeing Fun in concert!
7. Researching a wedding photographer.
8. Planning our December Engagement dinner in Tampa
9. Getting cozy on the couch and watching our favorite Fall shows
10. Listening to Christmas music on the radio.
11. Having a few days off for Thanksgiving.
12. Celebrating with Aaron. 
13. Video chatting with our families.
14. Taking Elsie's Blog (Design) Love E-course
15. Decorating our apartment for the holidays.

What are you looking forward to in November?


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