Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: 14 Things Jewish Brides Can’t Resist

Inspired by 32 Things Jewish Girls Can't Resist on Buzzfeed.

1. Tiffany's

2. Watching Say Yes to the Dress Marathons

3. #jewishgirlproblems When Our Camp Friends Overflow Our Guest List

4. Filling up our Amazon Wedding Registry with Judaica

5. Serving a Bagels and Lox Spread at Our Bridal Shower

6. A Rustic Birch Branch Huppah

7. A Paper Cut Ketubah

8. Finding Discount Codes for Wedding Paper Divas

9. Themed Wedding Websites

10. Playing Jewish Geography at Other Weddings

11. Teaching Traditions to Friends who Aren't Members of the Tribe

12. Personalized Color Coordinated Kippot in Bulk

13. Getting Wrapped up in the Moment
14. Making this Face



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