Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

THISSSSSSS!!! Even though a ton of awesome things happened this week this was THE MOST AMAZING. I'm sorry if #1: you don't watch New Girl and this doesn't mean anything to you and #2: if you do watch New Girl and this is a spoiler, DEAL WITH IT! So. Many. Feelings. LOVE!

These stunning enamel Chevron Studs from Baublebar. Studs are my daily go-to and these bring together a perfectly trendy graphic chevron design, a shimmering stripe of rhinestones and two of my favorite color combinations. I have been eying a few Baublebar items for awhile and keeping a list of my favorites. I might have to make my very first purchase now!
LUSH has released their 2013 Valentine's Day collection. If I have time this weekend to stop by Crabtree Mall I would love to test out the new products. Their Valentine's Day page is really fun too.

I bought this black Women's Ponte Colored Boyfriend Blazer from Walmart on Tuesday night before Aaron and I met our wedding photographer in Clayton (more to come on that soon!) I usually don't find tailored blazers that look good on my body, but this one magically has a perfect cut, easily fits into my wardrobe and I feel fierce when I wear it! FIERCE! It's on sale right now if you're interested in picking one up.

Hope you have a good weekend! Go Ravens!

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  1. Ugh New Girl! That WAS a glorious moment! So true.