Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Pinterest & WeddingFOMO

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I meant to publish this post earlier this morning, but I decided to stay in bed for an extra 10 minutes instead. It was cold! Okay, today I want to discuss something new that I have started to expiereence since we started planning our wedding - it's called FOMO. 

FOMO stands for "fear of missing out". It's the fear that you feel that you will miss out on something huge if you don't do something or participate in an event. I heard a few of my friends use this term a few times back in college. 

Personally, I had never really had this feeling until I started to experience WeddingFOMO - fear of missing out on seeing something that could be totally awesome for our wedding! 

What do I have to thank for this feeling? Pinterest!

Once I get started looking at wedding themed boards on Pinterest, I can lose hours in the blink of an eye! I keep opening in new tabs, endlessly "liking" pins, and bookmarking pages to look through later on.

I guess I will have WeddingFOMO until we say our I do's (hopefully it will stop once we get married...what if it never ends?!) Here are a few of my favorite wedding pins.


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