Thursday, January 31, 2013

14 Days of Love Instagram Challenge!

There are a few very tall Pine trees that were swaying like crazy last night! We didn't get a big storm or any tornadoes, just a ton of wind and a cold front. 

It has been at least a year since I have completed a photo-a-day challenge. When I saw this on created by Mandy of Miss Indie, I felt inspired! As everyone knows, Valentine's Day is coming up and she thought it would be fun to do a photo challenge all about the things you love! 

Each day will have a different theme, and you just have to take a picture of that item that you love (movie you love, favorite possession you love, quote you love, etc), and use the hashtag #14DaysofLove.

I'm really excited about this photo-a-day challenge! You can see my photo each day by following me on Instagram (@eeelishalynn), starting Feb 1st and ending on Valentine's Day when I will post a collage of my photos for those who do not have Instagram (Hi Grandma, Hi Grandpa!). 

I can't wait to share the love!


  1. I never gave Instagram much thought until Sandra Juto started creating iPhone photos with it a little when did facebook buy instagram more than a month ago. Sandra describes the app very well as being “like a Twitter for pictures”

    1. Hi, Elizabeth! That's true! I always explain Instagram as Twitter for pictures. Thanks for the comment!