Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Girls Home Decor: Mermaid Bookends

Special talents are called such because they are special, not everyone has the same one. One of mine is spotting mermaids wherever I go. Even if it is tiny, blurry, or tucked away in a corner behind a rack of scarves, I will spot it. I could make a blog mini-series of mermaid sightings, but the downside of my special talent is that it's self serving, I'm really the only one who cares, haha. 

Anyway, this mermaid was spotted in this week's episode of Girls in Shoshana's bedroom. It is a beautiful Kalalou Turquoise Ceramic Mermaid Bookend piece. I think she would find a happy home holding up cookbooks amongst tiki cups and a lei or two. 

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  1. I spot things like that except it's usually things to do with my day job lol. I have been known to stand in front of the TV and snap pictures!