Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Forever Bridal Show

Early in the fall when Aaron and I had just started looking at wedding venues, one of the vendors asked me if I was going to the Forever Bridal Show. I didn't know anything about it at that point, but when I got home I checked out the event website and told my fellow Raleigh bride-to-be friends, Brittany and Kelly about it right away!

The show ran for two days at the NC State Fairgrounds. It was the weekend that we got back from our New Years Caribbean cruise so I pulled all of my energy together, brewed a large cup of coffee, and drove over to meet up with the girls. I wasn't sure what to expect walking in, having never been to a bridal show like this before. This was an AMAZING bridal show! 

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After checking in at registration (where we were given a cute tote bag stuffed with wedding planning goodies) we walked into the show and a beautiful acrobat hanging upside down from the ceiling began to pour a glass of champagne for each of us! For the next 3 hours we walked up an down each of the humongous aisles, meeting vendors, watching presentations, looking through portfolios, signing up for raffles and honeymoon giveaways, and tried a ton of free cake, appetizer samples and even a chocolate fountain!

Each of the vendors that we stopped to talk to were so surprised that we were three brides at this event together. We had the chance to do so many fun things together like take photo booth pictures, make a photo flip book on the spot, and check out the inside of a HUGE party bus. I made an appointment at David's Bridal for a dress consultation, played games to win discounts and giveaways, and found a possible photographer, florist, and a fanastic makeup/hair stylist that I already booked!

You would expect that by the end I would be exhausted, but I was high on wedding happiness and so inspired by an array of amazing ideas to use at our wedding in October!


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