Sunday, December 2, 2012

fun. at The Ritz

This past Thursday Aaron and I went to see fun. at The Ritz! We have been waiting for this show since we bought the tickets at the beginning of the summer. 

I looked up the venue before the show and saw that it received a few bad reviews on Yelp, so we we a little unsure about how it was going to be, but we were able to find a fantastic spot in the front row.

They performed every song on their new album, Some Nights, a few from their first record, Aim and Ignite, and they also played a few covers. 

Before this concert, I think the last show I went to was Flogging Molly two years ago! That is if you don't count the U2 cover band that we saw in Virginia the night before Kristin's wedding... I can't believe it had been so long! I hope that more of our favorite bands come and play local shows. 

Hey bands! Come to Raleigh so we can rock out!!!


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