Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Buddies

It has been so long since my last Wedding Wednesday post! Honestly, since we booked our venue a few months ago (seriously? We have been engaged for almost 4 moths already?!) Aaron and I have not crossed anything off of the wedding to-do lists. It's okay, we still have time, but I know that when New Years is over and 2013 arrives, it will be time to get some planning done.

Last night I met up with two of my local friends, Brittany and Kelly, who are also getting married in 2013. All of our fiances had made plans to go out for a guys night to get wings, so we ladies decided to do the same but with BBQ Chicken pizza, wedding magazines, wine, and Bride Wars.

We had a great night sharing planning details and watching Kate Hudson get attacked by Anne Hathaway. All of my bridesmaids live out-of-state, and even though they are only a phone call or Google+ Hangout away, it's so nice to have these two to get together and share wedding giddiness.

We all have tickets to go to the upcoming Forever Bridal Show in January at the NC State Fair Grounds. It is supposed to be a HUGE event with vendors from all over the state, which is good since I haven't booked any!


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