Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Favorite Hanukkah Decor & Party Ideas

I was hard at work over the weekend searching the corners of the Internet, reading archived articles from the Jew and the Carrot, and stretching my imagination to think of every possible way to decorate with gelt to put together a fresh collection of ideas for my Hanukkah Pinterest board, which has now doubled in size from last year (over 140 pins!). 
If you need some ideas for your abode or next party, this Pinboard will be your new favorite Festival of Lights resource. 

Do you feel inspired!? I do. I am saving up all of these wonderful ideas for the future when we have a bigger home to decorate and host parties in. 
Be sure to check out my currated Hanukkah board on Pinterest for even more beautiful home decor and party inspiration!
Happy Hanukkah!


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