Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Polka Dot Palette Painting Class

On Friday evening Cassie invited me to go to Polka Dot Palette for a BYOB painting class! She had purchased a deal on Living Social and it was the last day to use the voucher! We picked up a bottle of wine on the way and we were ready to go!

The theme for the night was "Little ______ Dress (Choose Your Color)". Before the class began our instructor, Brandon, came around, welcomed us to the studio and asked us which colors we wanted to use for our painting. 

This class was so much fun! We started with a blank canvas and Brandon showed us how to create the background and dress. We all followed him step-by-step, but every piece of art looked a little different. I am going to hang mine up in our guest room!

This is a shot of how our final pieces turned out! Mine is the blue one on the left and Cassie's is the coral one on the right. I can't wait to sign up for more classes in the future! If you are interested in attending a class like this be sure to check out Living Social or Groupon to see if there are art studios offering discount vouchers in your area!

Have you ever tried a painting class?


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