Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: CAKE!


So, I was originally planning on creating a photo collage with only 4 photos, but I have so many beautiful cake photos in my inspiration folder, that I decided to stretch my collage to 7! 

A few weekends ago when I was visiting my cousin, she told me that her friend has a cake business called Cute & Sweet Boutique, that is based out of Durham. After checking out the bakery website I sent the owner a list of our preferred flavors and scheduled a tasting appointment. Aaron and I met with bakery owner, Amy on Saturday at the Southpoint Mall in Durham. We tasted 4 Autumn flavors and talked about a cake design. This was our first tasting so we didn't agree on anything yet, except that all four flavors were delicious!

And now, here is a treat - a sneak peek at our engagment photo shoot with B Real Photo from two weekends ago at the amazingly beautiful Historic Oak View Park. We are meeting with our photographer, Suzanne next Friday at her brand new studio to look over the rest of the photos, so I will have more to share soon!


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