Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 Ways to Use Sea Shells Around the House

If it were entirely up to me (aka if I was single and living alone...and probably very sad...) I would live in a home with bright aqua walls, hand blown glass bubbles hanging from the ceiling and mermaid art decorating every wall. Oh wait, this did happen for 18 years before I moved out of my parents house...

Even thought I can't live in the sea palace of my dreams, I still like to incorporate my fondness for nautical flare into our apartment decor. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using seashells around the house. I have a collection of several large clam shells that I have found/bought/been given over the years as well as smaller shells in different colors and shapes. Here are a few ways to use shells around the house.

  • Catch All/Ring Dish - I keep a sea shell catch all dish on my nightstand, one on our dresser and one the nightstand in our guest bedroom. As you can see in the photo above, it's a common landing place for bobby pins, rings, earrings, extra buttons, and my bra clasp.

  • Soap Dish - A beautiful abalone shell that naturally has holes in the bottom like this one, is perfect for keeping your bar soap and letting the extra moisture drain off.

  • Succulent Planter - Succulents are very popular for home decor right now, I see at least 5 different succulent items on Pinterest and Etsy everyday! If you give your succulent a home in a seashell, like these, it will be very happy and your decor will be all the  more beautiful!

  • Salt Dish - Having a fancy dinner party a la Downton Abbey and need a tiny serving of salt at each place setting? Smaller shells are perfect for this use, especially if you are serving fish or other seafood. Bonus points if you add a tiny shell serving spoon like the one seen here on Martha Stewart Weddings.
  •  Wind Chime - Sea shell wind chimes are a beautiful decoration piece that add visual and musical beauty and to a room. They can usually be found at local craft fairs, but if you have time, you could create a meaningful DIY project by using your favorite shells that you and your family have collected during vacations to the beach or tropical destinations. I have a sea shell wind chime that was hanging in the corner of my bedroom when I was in high school. It was placed into a shoe box that got put away when we moved from Miami to Raleigh...I think I will hang it on our porch!

There are many, many more uses for seashells, but these are my favorites. I have created a Treasury List on Etsy for more examples and inspiration. 

Do you have any sea shell decor in your home? 


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