Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Recipe // Pink Salsa Dip

Pink Salsa is one of my favorite recipes to bring to a party or have ready for an afternoon snack. It's a no fail, simple recipe with only a few ingredients, which is why you can usually find a batch in our fridge. 

I learned how to make Pink Salsa during the summers that I was working as a counselor at Camp Louise in Cascade, MD. It was a staple evening snack at Cabaña, the staff only eatery. Even though there was a fresh bowl every night there was still never enough to satisfy the hunger of counselors on duty!

You can use any flavor of salsa, store bought or local and use regular cream cheese, low fat or go crazy and try flavored! I like to stick to the basics It's also a great addition to a 7 layer dip for a Superbowl party.

It's not a pretty process, but if you spend time mashing the cream cheese and salsa together, you will be rewarded with delicious pink gold.

8oz. of room temperature cream cheese
8-10oz. salsa of your choice
1 can of whole kernel corn

Mix the cream cheese and salsa until completely combined. Stir in corn. Enjoy with chips, pretzels, veggies or crackers.

Hot Pink Salsa
To make Hot Pink Salsa follow the same steps then in a shallow baking dish. Cover top with shredded Mexican cheese and bake until the cheese is melted. Serve and enjoy!


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