Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

This on and off Spring weather is teasing me! Luckily, we were treated to beautiful weather all day long on Saturday for the big St. Patrick's Day celebration Downtown. After a relaxing morning we suited up in our St. Paddy's best (Guinness attire for Aaron, Flogging Molly for me) then headed downtown just before noon to find a good spot to watch the parade. Since this was our first year going, we weren't sure how popular this event would be. The traffic going down was a little crazy, but Aaron had the brilliant idea to park in the garage by the Museum of Natural Sciences.

We walked across the State House block and found a curbside spot on Morgan St. by the announcers table. The parade stated soon after we sat down. There were bagpipers, local High School marching bands, dog rescue groups, the Carolina Rollergirls, Irish dance companies, dressed up ponies, a wagon of hillbillies, tiny semi go karts, local law enforcement, local business floats, and many more that I can't remember. Even though the parade was a little stretched out, we had fun!

After the parade ended we walked over to Moore Square for the The Wearin' 'O the Green Festival. We bought a few drink tickets and had our first couple of pints of Guinness while we walked around the vendor booths and enjoyed live Celtic music. The festival completely filled the park with food vendors, face painters, bounce houses, a rock climbing wall, artisans selling jewelry, t-shirts, kilts, and all of the other typical fair attractions, but all with an Irish twist.

The festival spilled out onto Blount St. in front of Tir Na Nog were there were tables set up for playing games and a stage for dancers. We were disapointed that there were no stands selling Irish food, we could only find overpriced corndogs, cheesesteak, and other typical country fair style foods.

One of the dog rescue groups that was featured in the parade was the Ierne Irish Wolfhound Kennel. I had never heard about this breed before. I thought we had some big dogs in our family, but these pups are HUGE! They were almost as tall as their pen. They were very friendly and interested in eating as much popcorn as they could find.  

After Aaron and I finished walking around the festival we met up with a few friends at the bars for a round of drinks and dancing before we continued on to another party at our friends house over by NC State. We stayed their for a few hours, but I started to feel tired around 8pm so we headed home for some couch time and kitten cuddles.

Sunday was nothing but normal for us. We dragged ourselves our of the apartment early (okay, it was 10am, but it felt really early...) to make it to Costco and Trader Joe's before the Sunday rush. The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, napping, reading, catching up on Smash, and video chatting with family.  

Hope you had a good weekend!


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