Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Our Save the Dates

Hello! Today I am going to share a little about our experience with designing, ordering and sending out Save the Dates! Many of our friends and family members found out that we were engaged on the day it happened via Facebook, but we only shared our wedding date with our immediate families and a few close friends until this save the date went out.

We knew from the start that we wanted to design a magnet, so it could go right on the fridge and not get lost in a stack of papers. We have a lineup of save the date magnets for upcoming friends weddings and I love how easy it is to keep them organized (and they work double duty by holding up coupons and photos on our fridge!).

We started off looking at a few stationary websites, but we didn't find a design that really spoke to us until our friend Kelly told us about, a vendor that allows you to create and print high quality custom magnets and wedding stationary. 

We looked through all of the templates together and picked two that worked with the photos that we have. Magnet Street lets you order samples of each design, which was really helpful! We were torn between the two just looking at them online, but once I saw them in person, we knew right away which one we wanted to use.  

design #1 and design #2

Many couples use a pictures from their engagement photo shoot, but ours isn't until next month! We looked through all of the photos of us over the past 7 years and decided on one that we took last year. This photo is really special to be because we took it at one of my favorite places, Weeki Wachee Springs State Park! We took a trip there in November for my belated birthday celebration while we were house sitting for my aunt in Tampa. It was Aaron's first time seeing the mermaids! Every time I look at this picture, I think about how special that day was.

Our order arrived in a blue keepsake box with the magnets, matching envelopes all tucked in with a stationary catalog and a few wedding invitation samples. We had been putting together our guest mailing list for a few weeks so it was easy to import the addresses and design labels. The last piece of the puzzle was a book of wedding stamps that I picked up from the post office. With all of the pieces in place Aaron and I spent an evening putting it all together and they went out the next day!

In the middle of the assembling process!

Soon after they went out in the mail we were excited every time a text, tweet or Instagram picture popped up from our friends who were equally excited to get them! I am so glad that we used Magnet Street. The design studio and ordering process made this step in our wedding planning easy and fun!