Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hammock Pack Review: February

This is my fourth box from Hammock Pack. After skipping the January box I decided to order this one because February is a tough month for me. My mid winter blues pop up more often than I would like, so I decided to send myself a treat.
I think this will be my last box for awhile, at least until after the wedding to help keep my budget in check. However I will most certainly be watching for the monthly reveals on the Hammock Pack Facebook page and reviews written by other bloggers so that I may live vicariously through them!

The theme of February's box was Movie Night. Such a perfect theme for me! If you don't already know, we LOVE the movies in this house and we love snacks just as much. This collection arrived wrapped in plum tissue paper with hand stamped white hearts. A romantic yet modern presentation.
The card with this month's box reads, "Valentine's Day is the perfect reason to show your loved ones how much you care. It's also the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Sometimes escaping your weekly routine is as simple as relaxing on the couch with a good movie. So get cozy, enjoy some snacks, and ignore your to-do list. After the credits roll, we hope you're nice an relaxed for next month's doorstep getaway." Since most of our evenings involve getting cozy on the couch and watching a movie, this collection could not be more perfect!

This box included a Movie Night Bar from Komfortes Chockolates, a box of Parmesan & Rosemary popcorn Quinn Popcorn, a pack of striped pale pink paper straws from Oh La La Paper, a set of four Cinnamon Vanilla Soy Tea Lights from Pure Palette Scents (they smell so good!), and 1 box of La-dee-dahs from Whimsical Candy.
My #1 favorite item in this box was the movie night chocolate bar. It was (notice: past tense, it was too delicious to stick around for long) a 64% dark chocolate bard filled with Halfpops, which are partially air-popped popcorn kernels. It was a perfect mix of sweet and salty. The other edible in the box, the La-dee-dahs sounded good, but they were hard to chew so I think I will add them to the candy jar at work.
I have not been able to try the Quinn Popcorn yet, because we don't own a microwave! We never found one that would fit in our tiny apartment kitchen. I might take a bag to work and try it out there. 

The straws were a big hit with Skwisgaar who loves to play with any drinking straw he can get his paws on. I want to buy a set in navy or mint to use as cocktail straws for out wedding!

How did you treat yo self in February?


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