Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

Photo by Cassie P.

Good Morning!

Is the weekend over already? Seriously? 

On Friday evening I went to the beautiful Bond Metro Park with a few friends to see our friend Cathy perform in the Cary Town Band for the very first time! We packed up an amazing picnic and went to support Cathy, (who is the second youngest member of the band) play her way through Sousa marches and Civil War era overtures. We also learned what a Polonaise is and the difference between Light Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry... The crowd at the concert was a little stiff (why can't you dance around to the Star Spangled Spectacular?) but we had a good time and most importantly, we are so proud of Cathy!

After the concert I met Aaron, who had gone to Durham to see Amy Schumer's stand up comedy show at DPAC, back at our apartment for a drink and a few kitten snuggles.

On Saturday I made the mistake of going to the Whole Foods on Wade Ave. around the same time that the NC State graduation let out from the PNC arena. I totally forgot about graduation! Downtown was packed with NCSU grads in bright red caps and gowns. Congrats to all of the class of 2013 grads!

After lunch Aaron and I stayed out of the rain and started to play the new Tomb Raider game that was released earlier this year. When I say that we played it that really means Aaron plays and does really well and I sit next to him and shout out "left!" "right!" "watch out!". 

On Saturday evening I went to Dorthea Dix Park with Cassie and Cathy to run in the Great Glow Run 5k! Even though I have been training for the past 6 weeks, I was still so nervous!!! I will write more about it in a post once the event photos are posted, but it was a really positive experience and I am so glad that I signed up! After the run we went to a party to see our friends and to celebrate the NSCU grads!

After a long Saturday Aaron and I decided to take it easy on Sunday morning. We enjoyed smoothies while we watched HGTV and eventually motivated ourselves to get up off of the couch and go to CostCo and Trader Joe's.

When we got back from running errands we spotted a pile of discarded furniture near the dumpster. Because of graduation, it was a big move out weekend, which basically means free stuff if you are lucky! We went over to investigate and found a coffee table! We decided that it wasn't in the best shape, but it's sturdy and mostly in need of a wipe down and a coat of paint. 

The rest of the day was spent watching Game of Thrones season 1 with commentary, video chatting with family, doing laundry and relaxing.

I hope that you had an amazing weekend like I did!


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