Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Recap

Good morning! Even though we are well into Spring, we had a chilly weekend here in Raleigh. On Friday afternoon Aaron and I drove south to Smithfield, NC to meet our wedding photographer to go over the shots from our engagement photo shoot. We went through our final shots and picked out which ones we wanted in our guest book and which ones we wanted to order as prints. It felt pretty awkward to sit in a studio and look through almost 100 pictures of yourself... That must be how fashion bloggers feel every day!

Later that evening we met our friends Kelly and Carmen for dinner and drinks downtown at Tir Na Nog. Somehow Aaron and I had gone almost a whole year without eating there (I'm really not sure how that happened...) but I am so glad that we finally did! I enjoyed a pint of Black & Tan and a burger while we listened to a band from Charlotte called, The Ghosts of Bannockburn play Flogging Molly songs!

After we finished dinner we walked around the City Market shops and studios and then Hargett Street, which was blocked off for First Friday! We had a few drinks, mingled with a few friends who we ran into, and even found ourselves at a cabaret show at a wine bar on Fayetville St. By 11:00 I was getting cold and tired so we headed home to snuggle with Skwisgaar.
 On Saturday I woke up in super Spring cleaning mode! I vacuumed, dusted, and scrubbed almost everything in our apartment. Skiwsgarr couldn't figure out what was going on. Cleaning our apartment makes me feel so good and accomplished. 

After my cleaning spree I met Iris at the NC Museum of Art for lunch at the museum restaurant, which is called Iris! We had such a good time catching up, talking about big life choices and having fun in the sculpture garden. I am so glad that I got to spend time with her before she graduates with a masters degree from Elon next week (!) and moves back to Baltimore where she will be spending the summer at Camp Louise as the Multimedia Department Head (yeeeeah!) 

The rest of my Saturday was spent watching the final 4 episodes of The Following with Aaron and then we went to Best Buy to try to buy a copy of Star Trek, but they were all sold out. Boo. I ended up going to bed early because I wasn't feeling very good.

BIG NEWS! Aaron and I have a photo in the Spring issue of Ohio Today, which is a magazine for alumni and friends of Ohio University! The photo is from our trip this paste January to St. Lucia! 

That's not even where the good news ends... Our picture is on the same page as our friends and fellow Raleighite, Cassie and Pat! Their photo is from their recent trip to Ecuador! Bobcat pride and Raleigh pride! You can see both photos in the online edition of Ohio Today Sprint 2013.

Yesterday, Aaron and I went to see Iron Man 3 at the Raleigh Grande. It was so good! I was sad when it was over because it might be the last Iron Man movie. After the movie we ran errands and then I went to the gym to run in preparation for the Great Glow Run 5k, which is this weekend! AAhhhh! I'm excited but I don't think I'm ready yet!  

Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. Wow that salad looks amazing! I caught up on some spring cleaning too and I hear you- it feels so much better to have a clean space!

    1. Hi Jessica! I agree! Having a clean space allows for fewer distractions and boost creativity!