Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Hunt for Bookcases

Oy! Who knew that buying bookcases could make anyone so frustrated?

When we moved into our new apartment in Raleigh we spent some time shopping around,  but were relatively lucky finding our base pieces (couch, bed, kitchen table, etc.). I knew that I wanted a wall of white bookcases in the guest bedroom for our books and DVD collection. We bought 2 black bookcases from Target when we were living in Miami. Every shelf was completely warped and bowed by the time we moved out a year later. 

Since we started our search for a set of bookcases her in Raleigh we went to almost every furniture store on Glenwood plus hardware stores and second hand stores. I looked at a dozen furniture websites and even a  specialized bookcase website.  

The trouble was that I couldn't find white, solid wood bookcases with a simple design that fit into our budget of around $100 per bookcase. All I could find was cheap, flimsy particle board or overpriced fancy pieces that would not fit our style. (If you are thinking to yourself, "Elisha why didn't you just go to Ikea..." It's because the closest one to Raleigh is 3 hours away and they don't have very good options for online purchasing and shipping.)

Finally I gave up and bought 2 of the South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Bookcases on Amazon. They are particle board and wood veneer, but they will do for now. Amazon says they should be delivered by the 11th so we will see how they hold up. If anything I am looking forward to unpacking the rest of the boxes from out move and freeing up some space in the guest bedroom!


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