Thursday, September 13, 2012

Technology in the Field of Obsolescence

I spotted this video in my Facebook feed this morning and knew that I wanted to repost it on my blog today. I am always a big fan of the videos that Etsy puts out and this one especially spoke to me.

Handmade Portraits: USB Typewriter from Etsy on Vimeo

Also, the Hive76 company motto, "Make things awesome by making awesome things" is brilliant.  Click here to read the post that goes along with the video on Etsy.

I really like the message in this video about how technology will no longer be passed down in the way that it once was. As a lover of both technology and collecting vintage treasures, I can see the importance of transforming old technology and bringing it together with new technology so it might carry on into future generations. 

This message about obsolescence rings true especially with the announcement of the iPhone 5 yesterday. As I watched the live feed of the Apple conference in San Fransisco in real time on, I thought about how quickly technology changes and we must constantly keep upgrading our skills and understanding.

I work at a web design company, which means technology is essential. We discuss tech trends and changes every day and how it affects our business. When the internet doesn't work, our hands are tied. When the GoDaddy servers went down earlier this week, we almost had to call it a day since we couldn't access most of our client websites. So much of our business is based on uncontrollable outside factors, so we have to stay on top of everything!

Anyway, now I am going to watch the first 2 episodes of The New Normal, play catch with the kitten and get ready for my morning eye appointment and then work. Ciao!


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