Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Our Vision

With the help of our new Wedding Checklist from Offbeat Bride, Aaron and I have been going though and checking off the items in the "A Year or More Away" list. So far we are right on track! Whew! One of the items is to sit down with your partner and agree on a vision for the wedding. Since we have only been engaged for 2 weeks, we haven't had time to plan that many details yet, but here are the three key elements of our wedding vision so far.


We have fallen in love with Raleigh. I think I might have said this before - this city is the 4th member of our family. Elisha, Aaron, Skwisgaar and little Raleigh. We have had more excitement and fun since we moved here in June than we did the entire year that we lived in Miami. We knew very quickly after moving here that we wanted to have a local wedding in our new hometown. Aaron and I have friends and family from Ohio, Florida, Maryland, and all over the country. No matter what, someone would be traveling to attend our wedding, so why not bring everyone to us? We want to show off our North Carolina pride! The photo below is from my inspiration folder. The couple were married at a venue downtown and then rode off in a Raleigh Rickshaw! Love it!

image source

Even before we were engaged we knew that we wanted to plan an October wedding because it is our favorite month of the year. October was the month that we drank pumpkin spice coffee while playing putt-putt golf with The Ridges towering over us amongst the golden leaves of the season.  October is the month that we cuddle up on the couch together and watch horror movie marathons. October is the month that I had a breakdown when no one came to my masquerade and Aaron was there for me the whole time. October is the only month that we put up decorations in our first apartment. October has treated us well and we want to show it some love back with memories that will last forever.


We have decided that we are not interested in getting married in a synagogue by a rabbi, it is still important to us to have all of the traditions of a Jewish wedding. We will have a huppah and a ketubah (We are thinking about buying a handmade one on Etsy! I will save that for a future WW post...) as well as other elements of a Jewish wedding. I am looking forward to getting together with our wedding officiant to plan all of the details of our wedding ceremony.  


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