Thursday, October 18, 2012

So This Happened...

My boss brought her cat lead in to work the other day and let me borrow it. She said that her cat would just pancake out on the floor whenever she put it on, but I might have better luck using it with Skwisgaar because he is still so young. 

It took some time (and a lot of hand biting) for me to get it on him, mostly because I couldn't figure out which strap should connect to which clip, but eventually we got it all outfitted! I took Skwis outside and he seemed okay, but he didn't want to walk. He just wanted to eat grass. I am pretty sure he was going through sensory overload, but he didn't freak out so it's a start!

I think he liked his time outside in the Autumn air. After having an outdoor cat for so many years, I worry that Skwis isn't getting enough fresh air (whoa, that sounds like a mom...) We will try again soon!

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  1. how funny - I have a leash for my luna, we mostly use it when we have to take her to my mom's house if we are going out of town for a while, we find it to be much easier than trying to get her in a cat carrier! However, I've also used it when letting her out on the patio. I agree, she always seems to be on sensory overload, and sometimes it seems like the best thing ever for her, and then other days she just wants back into her safe house!