Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Our Venue

Aaron and I have spent pretty much every weekend since we got engaged in August looking at wedding venues in Raleigh. We looked at downtown city center hotels, ballrooms, refurbished halls, historic manors, country clubs, and stock rooms. We spent a lot of time looking at potential venues online and made multiple appointments each weekend for tours. 

We knew that we were looking for a venue that had an outdoor space for the ceremony and a close, but separate space for the reception. We wanted a venue that wasn't too formal, but came with one-stop-shopping options. We wanted a space that would reflect the vibe of our wedding and allow us the freedom to stay within our budget.

This past weekend we finally decided on the one! 

It is called The Garden on Millbrook and it is owned by a local catering company. The front of the building has a very traditional, Southern style look that will be great for photos and the indoor space is perfect for a party. Additionally, it has a beautiful outdoor space with a waterfall, a gazebo, and twinkly lights. All together, the Garden fits all of our wants and needs.

I am so excited to start planning all of the details now that we have a venue and a date!


  1. Oooh, your venue looks beautiful! The pictures are going to be amazing ;) Congrats!

  2. Congrats! I remember what a relief finding the perfect venue was for our wedding too! It's true now you can really focus on details!

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  4. No doubt about it, you guys are gonna have an awesome wedding! I mean, look at the venue, that is a fascinating place! I'm kinda excited to see the pictures of the wedding dance.

    Walter Tully

  5. The venue is fantastic! I think a garden wedding is very mystical. The natural elements make the entire event very spiritual, making the union of the bride and groom first-class. I believe you chose a superb venue for your wedding, Elisha!

    Kelli Mueller