Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cinema Sunday

Determined to make her own path in life, Princess Merida defies a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom. Granted one wish, Merida must rely on her bravery and her archery skills to undo a beastly curse. Plot summary by IMDB

I had been excitedly awaiting the release of Brave for so long! I played Temple Run: Brave Edition everyday in June! I am so happy that Pixar created a strong female main character. The sweeping shots of Scotland were brilliant and the soundtrack was beautiful! The movie was very different than what I expected and overall the it made me feel more emotional than I thought it would, but I really liked it! Merida might be my new favorite princess (don't worry Ariel, you'll always be #1).

Set on an island off the coast of New England in the 1960s, as a young boy and girl fall in love they are moved to run away together. Various factions of the town mobilize to search for them and the town is turned upside down -- which might not be such a bad thing. Written by Production 

Aaron and I went to see Moonrise Kingdom last weekend with the Triangle Indie Film Meetup Group. We didn't actually meet anyone, but we were able to get discount tickets!  I really enjoyed the opening scene of the house at Summer's End and the scenes when Sam and Suzy were traveling across the island. I predict that thousands of indie chic teenagers will be dressing up as Suzy for Halloween come October.

My favorite Wes Anderson movie still remains, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

P.S. - You can order beer on tap at our local movie theaters, go NC!

Did you see any new movies this weekend?


  1. Watched Jeff, Who Lives At Home this weekend and it was not what I was expecting either. Definitely did like it - Can't wait to see Brave!

    1. Hi Tara! Aaron and I went to see Jeff, Who Lives At Home when it was still playing in theaters. I really liked it, but not until the end. Let me know what you think of Brave when you see it!