Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Favorites

This beautiful Tentacled Cake Stand from BHLDN. I know just the perfect place in our kitchen for this platter. I would know I would be constantly baking something delicious just to keep it stocked with treats! 

Going to the gym every day this week! I have started running on the treadmill and have discovered that it's not as terrible as I remember from high school gym class! Running has never been my strong suit, so it surprised me how much I like it. It was hard at first, but I have been working up to longer and longer stretches of running every day. 5k's here I come!

These beauties from Chromatic Gallerie are the same heels that Zooey Deschanel wears on New Girl! I discovered them on a fashion blog earlier this week. Zooey knows best! Even though I have only been wearing sandals to work I really like that they offer multiple heel heights, since I am not crazy about tall heels. I can't decided which color I want to try first! They are thigh up in my shoe price range, but I think they would be a good motivator to get myself to get up and go to the gym every day.

The 2012 London Olympic Games are here! Aaron and I are going to a friends house to celebrate and watch the opening ceremony. I can't wait!

Skwisgaar has his very first check-up at the vet today! He has been sneezing consistently ever since we brought him home and he might have an upper respiratory infection (they are common for shelter pets) so we are hoping it's not too bad. 

Also, I want to shout out a big MAZEL TOV to my friends Brittany and Andrew who just got engaged last night! Aaron and I can't wait to celebrate with you!

Hope you have a good weekend!


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