Monday, August 20, 2012

My Weekend, in Snapshots

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Left to right, top to bottom:
1) Our weekend really started on Thursday evening. We met our friends at the downtown city plaza for dinner and we then we went to see Avenue Q at the Fletcher Theater in the Center for Performing Arts. The show was very well done and really funny!

2) A shot of the set for Avenue Q.

3) Skwisgaar had an appointment very early on Saturday morning. He had to go in for his 4 month rabies shot and feline distemper shot. He was a rockstar! He didn't cry or freak out at all, even when the vet was giving him the shots. He was happy to be out and about and he even got a new mouse toy (like he needs more!).

4) After the vet Aaron and I stopped by Starbucks for breakfast. I pinned up a 90 Degree Design postcard on their bulletin board. The greater good!

5) Later on Saturday afternoon we went to see Safety Not Guaranteed at the Rialto Theater in Five Points. After the movie we walked around the shops for a bit and ended up at Lily's counter ordering a huge calzone! Seriously, this calzone was the size of my torso, and it was gooooood!

6) After the movie and dinner we went to Cameron Village and I found these cute earrings. I really liked both, so I didn't buy any... that's just how my brain works sometimes. We tried to go to The Cheshire Cat Gallery, but we got there right after it closed. After that we made our way to Rita's to enjoy a refreshing gelati before we headed home for cuddle time with Skwisgaar.

7) Skwisgaar helping us do laundry on Sunday morning.

8) After venturing out into the rain to go grocery shopping we spent the rest of the day relaxing. I made steamed veggies and Crescent Turkey Dogs for dinner. Yum!


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