Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yelp's Passport to GNO @ Videri Chocolate Factory

I mentioned my new interest in Yelp in this Friday Favorites post, but I haven't really mentioned it since then. I have been on Yelp more often, writing reviews and looking up new restaurants and shops to try as family and friends come to visit. I downloaded the mobile app and have started checking into places around town. I am even the Duchess of the Cameron Village Starbucks!

Last week an email arrived at the top of my inbox with an invitation to a list of Girls Night Out events. Each event was free, girls only, and they were all organized by the Raleigh Yelp team. I scrolled through the list and decided to RSVP to a couple of events. The first one, Yelp's Passport to Girls Night Out @ Videri Chocolate Factory was last night. I am so glad that I decided to go!


The event was held at a small, local chocolate factory called Videri located in the warehouse district of downtown Raleigh. There is a full parking lot in front of the factory, which was nice since most of the parking downtown is street parking or pay to park in a garage. When I went inside I was instantly hit by an amazing chocolate aroma that filled the entire building. I was happy to see that my new friend Kelly was working the check-in table. I picked up a name badge and my chocolate ticket and went in. 

The event was a chocolate and wine tasting so there was one line for the wine samples from Bonterra Vinyards and one for the chocolate samples. You can see on the menu above how the wines paired with each chocolate. I tried the Chardonnay, the Riesling and the Merlot, but didn't like any of them. I made sure to try each type of chocolate, but I only liked the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. The Pink Peppercorn Dark Chocolate tasted like eating flowers! Not my fav.

While I was tasting wines and chocolates I met a few really nice women. There were no +1s allowed, so only a few people at the event knew other women who were there. This might seem awkward and scary, but the no +1 rule actually made it easier to just sit down and start chatting. Making friends post-college can be hard, especially for girls who can be a tough nut to crack. We girls like to stick with our trusted friends, but when you move to a new city and leave your friends behind, what is a girl to do? Going to Yelp events is a fun, casual, and inexpensive way to meet new friends and try new places around town!

I am going to another event tonight and I will be sure to blog about it tomorrow!


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